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A Guide to CEREC Same-Day Crowns

A CEREC machine for same-day crowns

When you have a damaged, decayed, or missing tooth, you might groan, roll your eyes and think, great, multi-visits, two-to-three-week repair process, right? With CEREC same-day dental crowns in Seattle, WA, fixing that tooth has never been easier

What’s our secret? CEREC, which is …

CEREC Vs. Traditional Crowns

A CEREC crown, short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, is not that different from a regular crown; it’s also a cap that fits over the decayed or damaged tooth and restores its appearance, shape, and function.

The difference is that a traditional crown requires two dental visits spread over two to three weeks. During the first visit, a dentist preps the tooth and makes impressions, while the second is to place the permanent crown. As you wait for the permanent crown, the dentist places a temporary one.

With CEREC same-day crowns, however, you skip right to getting the permanent crown!

Wondering how that’s possible? Read on!

The CEREC Difference

Before you receive a same-day crown, our dentist will inspect the tooth or lack thereof and the severity of the damage.

Through this evaluation, they will determine if CEREC is a feasible option. Fortunately, most people who qualify for a crown are also eligible for CEREC.

You’re given a local anesthetic for same-day crowns in Seattle, WA. Then, our dentist will prepare the tooth by removing any decay. The next step is taking digital impressions of your teeth and gum tissue.

Our dentist then inputs the impressions into the machine to create the crown. Finally, they will place the crown and adjust the fit as necessary.

After your visit, you’ll have a crown that will last just as long as a traditional restoration, except it takes only a fraction of the time and much less hassle.

What Same-Day Crowns in Seattle Can Fix

This quick restoration method can correct the same issues as a typical crown, such as a severely damaged or decayed tooth.

Like traditional crowns, our dentist can use this option to replace a missing tooth, too.

It’s also a method to correct a misshapen, missized, or discolored tooth.

Why Choose CEREC With Us for Your Restoration

First, CEREC is convenient for the patient: fewer visits and the satisfaction of having the tooth repaired on the same day, usually in about two hours.

You also skip the awkward temporary crown step, which is easy to chip or break, making special care necessary. With a temporary, you also have to watch what you eat and how you care for it to prevent it from coming off.

The impression process is highly accurate, so you receive a restoration that fits comfortably, looks aesthetically pleasing, and has a natural appearance.

Moreover, when you opt for same-day crowns in Seattle, WA, no metal is involved, and the price is similar to that of a standard one.

And your experience with us sweetens the pot even more. At Aesthetica, we prioritize the patient experience, and it shows by the happy faces leaving our office. We work with our patients from start to finish, helping them find the most advantageous option for their needs and desires.

Besides our friendly and supportive staff, we also provide our patients with the perk of the latest technology, giving patients access to treatments that save time and optimize comfort, among other benefits.

Since Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry is in Seattle, we’re smack-dab in the middle of cities like Clyde Hill, Mercer Island, Yarrow Point, White Center, Beaux Arts Village, Boulevard Park, and Kirkland, making us a convenient stop for all these areas and others!